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Jennifer V-E Johnson is the Webmaster of, who's aim is to help you save time and money by finding information to help improve the quality of your life. Ms. Johnson is a licensed Real Estate Broker (Virginia License #0225-083246) and a published web author. Ms. Johnson is from Reston, Virginia and has resided in the Washington Metro area since 1982. She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in History from the University of Virginia (CLAS '94) in 1994. From May 2002 until May 2004, Ms. Johnson served as a member of the South Riding Covenants Committee. Ms. Johnson is an avid reader and her interests include jazz, fine art and volunteering. Ms. Johnson has also been commissioned by the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia to serve in Public Office as a Notary Public and is an Election Officer for Mercer Precinct 108 in Loudoun County, Virginia.