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uva_logo Jennifer V-E Johnson, Reston Expert and VA Real Estate Broker, is the creator of the Information for Homeowners and Consumers blog, who’s aim is to assist you saving time and money by providing valuable information to empower you to improve the quality of your life and/or your family’s life.

This blog is important to Ms. Johnson because it allows her to provide information about everyday subjects to empower and aid homeowners and consumers.

Ms. Johnson is a licensed VA Real Estate Broker ( #0225-083246 ) and a published web author. She is well known for her commitment and ‘mastery of detail,’ and has a deep interest in helping others achieve wealth through homeownership. She is committed to providing excellent customer service and strives to meet and exceed the expectations of all of her clients. She possesses a “can do” attitude and an outgoing personality.

Ms. Johnson is from Reston, Virginia Reston, Virginia and has resided in the Washington Metro area since 1976. She received a BA degree in History from the University of Virginia in 1994. Ms. Johnson is an avid reader and her interests include jazz, collectibles and antiques, fine art and volunteering.

Ms. Johnson has also been commissioned by the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia to serve in Public Office as a Notary Public and is an Election Officer for Mercer Precinct 108. She also writes articles for her other blogs both related to real estate and her home town of Reston ( Living In Reston and Virginia Real Estate).

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Courtesy of Jennifer V-E Johnson, Reston Expert and www.WashMetroHomes.com

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