Simple Room Updates Can Help Kids Stay On Track Academically

(ARA) – For nine months of the year, every American child has a job – to learn as much as possible in school. Parents have a school-related job too, making sure kids have the environment and encouragement they need to do well.

Parents can help kids thrive academically by creating an environment that’s comforting — and conducive to learning at the same time. If your child struggles to focus on homework, some simple changes in her bedroom might help make the challenge less difficult.

“Many studies have shown the correlation between academic achievement and an environment well-designed to facilitate learning activities,” says Todd Imholte, president of Environmental Graphics. “Kids’ rooms need to be a place where they can relax and be themselves, yet also study without distractions.”

Your first step is to communicate with your child to find out her vision for her room. Select a color palette and theme together. What are her likes and dislikes? Does he want to incorporate a favorite hobby or activity into the decor? Incorporating your child’s design ideas into the room will make him feel like the room belongs to him.

Next, establish areas in the room that will complement how your child uses her room every day. Your child’s room probably serves multiple functions as sleep center, play room and homework headquarters. The best children’s rooms are ones that incorporate fun and function, playfulness and practicality.

Bed basics

When was the last time your child didn’t have an opinion about her bed? Probably when she was a newborn. As soon as kids can speak and interact with their environment, they start forming opinions about what their rooms, and especially their beds, should look like. As a parent, you want to be sure her bed is comfortable and practical – essential factors if she’s going to get a good night’s sleep in it. And adequate rest is a must for all kids.

Mom and dad really do know best when it comes to choosing a bed, so go with something that is practical, works for the room decor and gives your child the comfort, support and security she needs to rest well. Once a bed meets those priorities, you can factor in some fun, like opting for a special shape or color, or adding bunk beds or a trundle bed for fun, easy sleepovers. Seventh Avenue, an online retailer, offers a solid pine version that looks like a classic daybed when the trundle is closed, but easily converts to a side-by-side trundle to accommodate guests.

Down to school business

Once he’s well-rested, your youngster will need somewhere in his room to do homework. Some kids may opt to sit on their beds with a lap desk, but most will benefit from a dedicated space in their room where they can get organized and serious about their school work. Your young scholar will need a desk, comfortable chair and a place for his computer.

Older kids can help pick out a desk and chair set that works for their tastes, needs and decor. Consider a functional space-saver, like a corner desk. Seventh Avenue offers a kid-friendly set that comes in bright colors like purple, pink and blue.

Creating comfort

Their own room is the one spot in the house where kids can really put their personal stamp on things. Allowing children to personalize their own space can help them feel more comfortable and relaxed there.

From choosing a color palette that they love or a theme that speaks to them, to adding furniture pieces emblazoned with their names, there are many ways parents can help children personalize their rooms. If new paint and carpeting aren’t in the budget, a few personalized accessories can completely change the look of a room and enhance kids’ sense of belonging in their own space. Personalized pieces can be as simple as a door placard or wall hanging featuring the child’s name or as special as a personalized child’s rocking chair.

Creating a kid’s room that is fun, functional and comfortable can help kids thrive throughout school year – and make them happier and more productive in their own personal spaces. For more decorating ideas, visit

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